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Legatto Harmony & Music Institute opens its call to the first generation "Pioneers", people interested in contributing with their knowledge to the innovative foundation of this music university for the new world, while studying the great mysteries of music and sacred geometry.

Legatto started in 2014, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, MX. This project is reborn this year 2021 in the Children's Tree House, Bacalar, Quintana Roo, MX, with the intention of proposing music and geometry as languages for the transmission of love and knowledge between individuals, reviving the "hidden" knowledge of music from ancient Egypt and applying it to a new world.

The world has changed, and the challenges that arise for artists are increasingly changing. Therefore, Legatto's approximation is holistic, promoting healthy coexistence with the environment and individual and collective free spiritual development, music being a fundamental part of it.



November 28 - Union of Nations Festival (Spiritual Home): A festival where people from different tribes around the world come together to celebrate Peace on Earth. Legatto unites with Music, Art and Medicine, offering everyone a unique experience of cultural encounter.

December 7 - Official start of the Legatto Pioneers generation: First day of studies at the school of music and sacred geometry.

December 21 - Celebration of the new cycle: Musical ceremony to give farewell to those who take the experience for only 2 weeks.

January 4 - Official closing of the First Generation:  Closing ceremony to conclude the first cycle.

Educational Structure

The Pioneer generation will be the first to explore, study and refine our comprehensive musical educational structure, which consists of 6 fundamental pillars. This structure is dynamic, thus allowing us to travel through it in a flexible sequence defined by the needs and knowledge of the generation as a group.

Legatto Educación Blanco

A fundamental practice and at the center of our system is the singing of the syllable "OM".

Repeating the syllable out loud for an extended period of time naturally stimulates the senses of tuning, presence and harmony in a person.

After establishing a vibration for a time, one is induced to absolute silence to contemplate the music of the spheres.

This is not a course, but a elementary practice an hour long at school. It is free for anyone, so it is possible to attend even when you are not registered.

Humanity / Values

Every course and class in Legatto takes place in a field of humanity and values.

The guides and the community keep their attention that this is the fuel of the school.

This is not a course or a class, but a frequency set in the environment.

1. Proportion

The Pillar of Proportion reminds us of our deep relationship with the universe and beauty through perception.

Beauty is studied from an intuitive, mathematical and simple perspective, which profoundly impacts the understanding of music.

The two main topics are Structure focused on music and Musical Ear (Ear Training), which will help to recognize and replicate beauty both visually and audibly.

Specializations in this course involve Geometry, Cymatics and Sound Healing.

2. Appreciation

The pillar of Appreciation gives us the power to contemplate our surroundings and recognize beauty and chaos at all times.

Here you learn about music from around the world and its cultural history, all in a hands-on and interactive way.

The two main topics are Musical Ear (Auditory Training) and Emotional Language, which serve to sensitize to music.

Specializations in this course involve Geometry, Voices (and their conduction) and Sound Healing.

3. Harmony

The Harmony pillar focuses us on expanding the resources of the perception of music and allows us to classify these resources to be used in awareness.

The student learns to communicate in the language of music, as well as to understand its impact on the human emotional sphere.

The two main topics are Musical language and Emotional Language, which serve to communicate at a deep level in the universal language of music.

The specializations in this course are the Sound Healing, Voices (and their conduction) and Chromatism.

4. Instrument

The Instrument pillar focuses on musical expression through different instruments.

The student explores the different sounds produced by musical instruments in an interactive and fun way. Likewise, you can opt for individual sessions to improve your technique in a specific instrument.

The two main topics are Musical language and Acoustics, which serve to naturally reproduce music.

The specializations in this course are the Voices (and their conduction), Chromatism and Microphones.

5. Technology

The Technology pillar expands the boundaries to produce and reproduce music in harmony.

The student learns to use the mechanical and digital tools available to develop as a musician. Tools are shared for writing and reading, composing, recording, producing, reproducing and distributing music.

The two main topics are Acoustics and Digital Tools, which are used to record and produce music.

Specializations in this course involve Chromatism, Cymatics and Microphones.

6. Composition

The Composition pillar focuses on creativity through intuitive exploration and use of musical theory tools.

The student learns to use the tools of other pillars to create works that fulfill specific harmonic and emotional functions.

The two main topics are Structure focused on music and Digital Tools, which are used to produce music.

Specializations in this course involve Geometry, Cymatics and Microphones.

How do I become a part?

Anyone from the age of 15 who shows passion and basic understanding of music is welcome.

The 2 ways to be part of the Pioneers Generation is:

  1. Covering a single payment for the course.
  2. Scholarships & Volunteering.

1. Single Payment

(10 spots available)


By being part of the Legatto community, you open a world of possibilities for coexistence, relationships, friendships, collaborations and wonderful memories. The first generation aims at create a community of musicians and artists capable of expressing their multidimensional identity and being able to communicate it in musical and written language. Those starting out in the Pioneer Community will have the opportunity to continue their long-term stay as teacher-guides in Legatto.

The Legatto Pioneers Community will be a unique experience of magical encounters, personal empowerment and liberation of the inner spiritual potential towards the material. In community we will make reality what for many is a dream, and we will be willing to share it and bring music to everything that needs it as a way of healing, self-discovery and evolution.

Metamorfosis 6

Skill List (people with more than one skill may have priority for this generation):

  • Teacher-Student: If you are a person who already plays more than 4 instruments, you are a great candidate to be part of the first generation. The teacher-student's mission is to guide people to play their instruments of interest in a practical and intuitive way. In the same way, be open to learn from the knowledge imparted at the University during this course.


  • Photography & Video: If you have a camera and can make professional content, your presence is of great value to our first generation. The mission is simple, to capture everything that happens in the university through the lens.


  • Social networks: If you are a person who enjoys social networks, your support is essential for the university to be recognized in the world. The mission is to tell inspiring stories on Legatto's social media to reach more hearts.


  • Musical production: If you have simple music recording equipment, your knowledge is welcome to college. The mission is to share knowledge about acoustic recording and create the musical production of a composition created by the students together at the end of the course.


  • Graphic & Web Design: If you have a good eye for creating attractive ad designs, Legatto values you. The mission is to create the advertising content of the university during the course. If you have knowledge in web design with WordPress these are bonus points.


  • Carpentry or Crafting: If you know how to work with wood to create structures, furniture or even instruments, your energy is essential for the growth of Legatto. The mission is to share knowledge about woodworking, as well as assist with occasional maintenance projects.


  • Yoga: If you love Yoga and can teach you have a safe place with us. We value who offers a morning class 5 days a week to everyone at the university. In this way we promote physical activation and the flow of vital energy for all.


  • Organic Gardens: If you have knowledge about local gardens and harvest, your knowledge is very important to us. The mission is to provide crop care education to expand knowledge about living well.


  • Bio-Construction: If you know how to build in harmony with nature, your knowledge is of great value to us. We are looking for someone to help us create educational systems focused on Bio-Construction to allow Legatto and the schools to come to expand in a consistent manner with their philosophies.


  • Blockchain, Crypto & NFTs: If you have knowledge in any of these three topics, your presence is very valuable to us. The mission is to create decentralized systems for the local university economy. One of them is to develop NFTs that are created by teachers and students for global markets and thus generate economic income for whoever created the work and for the school.


If you meet any of these skills and you are interested in being part of this cycle at Legatto, please fill out the application form and send us a message on WhatsApp to confirm that we are in contact.

2. Scholarships & Volunteering

(5 spots available)


There is the possibility of obtaining a scholarship if you have any of the abilities mentioned in the list above. The scholarships that can be awarded are the following:


  • Locals - $ By loving donation (5 places). You pay only what you can pay, and it applies only for the modality "Only Classes". Any person (regardless of nationality) who already lives in Bacalar with the intention of participating in the medium and long term in Legatto can apply for this space. It is necessary to fill out the form for this type of scholarship, which you can find here.
  • Volunteering - 50% Scholarship (6 places) for 20 hours of weekly service on modality "Music & Spirit".
  • Referred Student - 15% Scholarship (4 places) for each referred student enrolled on any modality.
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