A Shared Dream

where music and arts are the tool to beautify the world.

"There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres."

- Pythagoras

Iso Legatto Retícula

We are...

a school of music, sound and sacred geometry located in Bacalar, Mexico.

We seek to merge traditional schools focused on the nourishment of the spirit with the development and innovation that contemporary music and design offer.

Our Pythagorean bases allow people to connect with the deepest secrets of beauty that mark our relationship with nature and the cosmos.

Legatto is a school that studies the science and art of harmony, taking its students on a journey of self-knowledge, expansion and transcendence through these tools, which they are capable of sharing and expressing. 

Fotos Hunab Amaya 2022

About the founder

Hello! My name is Hunab Amaya and I have been in music for more than 15 years. I started playing the guitar after the death of my mother at the age of 10, which is why I dedicated many hours of practice and attention. I realized that music had healed me. I started Legatto Institute in 2014 with the dream of bringing contemporary music studies to young people who wanted to dedicate themselves to this, but something was still missing...

It was not until I traveled to India in 2019 that I understood that music was strongly linked to the spirit. I understood that the way music was taught in the world lacked humility and spiritual enjoyment, that we had developed a sense of competence in music. That is why I decided to share music as an instrument of liberation, healing and consciousness at an individual and collective level.

More than a school ...

Our commitment goes beyond education; it is to offer the world a generation of artists capable of communicating the universal language of harmony and thus beautifying the environment, achieving peace and prosperity in their profession.

This creates a comprehensive experience that allows our students to belong to a community of solid values and positive impact.

It is a place to believe and create as the mind and heart dictate.



We are currently in Tao House, Bacalar Mexico. Casa Tao is a nice and comfortable temporary space where we are offering private classes, group classes and therapeutic sound sessions.

We also have available online classes with our methodology.