Believing Creating

I spend it dreaming; daydreaming.
They kept saying that it would be like being crazy,
But I heard that those voices were only afraid.

I dreamed about space 8 years ago,
mutating into something magical;
a miracle.

A psycho-magical act inspired by love
an orchestra of elements
a heal and be healthy.

It came true; we dream and manifest;
a universe where music is our language.
And we call it LEGATTO, to bind, to unite.

Today, sitting in the heart of a dream still alive,
I feel deep ... and manifest.

I live wanting to share the secrets,
that when used with a full heart
and a fine-toned mind,
they are the purest playing

Welcome to the beginning of a joint dream,
where we all sing to the prayer of the drum:
"When I believe, I believe!"

- Hunab Amaya


"When I believe, I believe" Javier Salazar, Co-Founder of Legatto, told me, pointing to his head and heart saying the first "I think" and showing his hands when pronouncing the second.

And so today I come and remember that this truth lives in all of us. Thank you for your presence.


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